Like what you see? Meet the people who make it happen! 



Julie West is not only the Co-Founder to Redesigns,llc, but also the wife to Chad and a mom to Meri Hollis, Haley, Maddie, and Will.  After years of teaching and sewing for the public, she saw a need and the opportunity to create creative job solutions for her own family as well as others. She took her experiences and her love for repurposing scraps and discarded items into refined products and created a business.  Julie lives in Mississippi with her family.  Julie's concentration is product development and designation of assembly positions.

Haley West is also the Co-Founder. She has proudly graduated with an Occupational Diploma from Tupelo High School this year.  At 19, she is now working with her mom as a seasoned serger operator and organizer. But, she is also a part-time employee with Thomas Street Apocethary.  This diversity is what we are all about. Her ability to be independent from family, while using her gifts in both work spaces.  We have learned from our experience, both job skills and oportunity for independance are vital!



Kim Edwards is a long time trusted friend and Team Advisor. She sets our calender for event planning and product construction. Kim not only organizes the team weekly, but also leads us through prayer during monthy team meetings. Couldn't make it without her councel! 

Caroline Campeau  has just joined us on Mondays.  Her sweet spirit is always an encouragement.  She is learning all aspects of the business including organization of materials and serging.

Caroline Campeau has just joined us on Mondays.  Her sweet spirit is always an encouragement.  She is learning all aspects of the business including organization of materials and serging.



Reagan Ayers is 18 years old and has recently graduated from TCPS.  She is not only a beloved long time friend, but also a talented young photographer.  She is developing her skills while working at ReDesigns. She is a team encourager and we love her bright smile!  Reagan is our go - to when we need photos!



Madison Dennis is 20 years old and attends Saltillo High School. She has a love for swimming, shopping, and watching football. Madison likes to hang out with her friends and play Special Olympics Unified Sports with Ole Miss students. She lives in Mississippi with her family.  Madison has developed skills in cutting fabrics, organizing, and can coordinate a fabulous tassel!


Wynn Howell and Maddie West are the youngest in our Crew, but don't let them fool you! Both very talented and creative souls! Wynn is the founder of Taproot designs and joins us weekly to create new products.  Maddie is the daughter of  Julie and is a right hand when it comes to product development and brainstorming ideas.  She is an expert bowl turner and round maker!


Sallie Belle Howell is our beloved Business Manager.  She handles our our billing and computer entries.  She basically helps us keep things in order so we can function as a business. Sallie Belle is the mother of  Wynn and also manages Taproot Designs. She might be found in the shop on occasion lending her sewing skills as well!!

Kelly and Miranda Williams have become a vital part of our process.  Miranda has a hand in most T - shirt quilts and has become proficient and talented in this process.  Kelly is our communications director and spends her time at reDesigns promoting the mission of the company.  She can be found several times a week at a sewing machine filling orders as well.


Allie Hall has joined our team recently as a graduate from high school who will be taking ICC.  She works part-time with redesigns and also at Jimmy Johns showing great work ethic and motivation! She has joined Miranda with cutting shirts for quilts as well as braiding and cutting strips.